In this article we will give a number of tricks to lose weight, slim the tummy and eliminate fat. The most important thing is that you follow a diet to lose weight according to your habits, your physique and other data. We recommend you use a health blog that is constantly updated, and where there are countless diets and diet pills directory. Do not jump for joy and think we’re going to tell you “you can go to McDonalds, eat all you want and lose weight without dieting” . No we’re not going to say. In this article we will discuss a remedy for weight loss.

Well, here are the tips of thinning day:


1) Drink hot water throughout the day. This helps to eliminate body fat.

2) Another remedy would be to take ginger tea.

3) It is recommended once a week to make a completely liquid diet to eliminate accumulated toxins throughout the week.

4) The ultimate remedy for weight loss that will be explained in this article is to do exercise to lose weight regularly. It is highly recommended to mobilize and eliminate extra fat this way.


A Trick to lose weight fast: We’ll tell you something that is quite obvious, that there are so many overweight people in the world, shows that perhaps there is something that most people do not know how to do well.


Obesity is often due to hormonal problems, but many people take in more calories than they should consume. Maybe because when they were younger they were not given many lessons on having an ideal weight. Perhaps they paid attention to this but most of us were not taught much about nutrition and food standards as so many are unknown.

We will give some tips to lose weight to help you today. We’re going to give a recipe for weight loss that is based on the “Flower of Jamaica” or “Hibiscus.” It is widely used in Central America. It is a plant suitable for weight loss. It has diuretic functions which help you to remove extra kilos, Due to its great results, it is well known in Central America.

How to prepare an infusion based on the hibiscus diet.

Pour in a pan 50 grams of hibiscus in a liter of boiling water. You let it sit for a reasonable time until it changes color and reach room temperature. Then you pour a liter of cold water. Then taste it with sweetener (liquid or tablets), stelvia or brown sugar (do not throw in regular sugar).



The first thing to leave established, as indicated by the nutritionists, is that each person needs a different nutritional life; this will depend on your physical health, complexion, weight and physical activity performed throughout the day. However, the following diet is recommended for those executives who are at ideal weight and not doing physical activity throughout the day:


The perfect breakfast

The first thing to do when you get up, is to indulge yourself. And what better way to do this than feeding properly. The first thing to know about breakfast is that the brain needs glucose, protein and complex carbohydrates for excellent performance and stability to provide energy to the body.


What is recommended to consume in the morning?

Eating grain bread, natural oats, seeds, eggs or egg whites combined with panela cheese or cottage having sufficient glycemic fruits. This is also the best time to take glucose for the blood to absorb sugar.


If you eat fruit in the morning alone, all you have is an immediate absorption, which causes an insulin spike glucose, which passes immediately and leads to an energy slump. What you ought to do is to combine fruits with white cheese so as to have a gradual absorption.




The body needs protein, so it is recommended to consume this in adequate proportions: chicken, beef or fish should be regularly taken. This needs to accompanied by vegetables like lettuce, spinach, watercress, celery, bell pepper, tomatoes, pumpkins and broccoli.


Dessert can also be taken at lunch, as long as it does not exceed one third of the portion commonly eaten, with all measure.


Surprisingly, it is not recommended to consume fruit waters, as these contain high levels of glucose. You can replace these drinks with mineral water, lemon or orange and a pinch of sugar.



If you think skipping the last meal of the day will help you lose weight, this is wrong. The body needs to be fed continuously for the digestive system to function properly, which is why nutritionists recommend having 5 meals a day (three strengths: breakfast, lunch and dinner) and two snacks.


Intone dinner is an essential part of nutrition. Your body needs to eat continuously, when we dine what happens is that we have long periods of fasting, which reside in the stomach.


Experts recommend dinner as vegetables, fruit with cottage cheese or panela, a sandwich, quesadillas, bread, chicken, salmon or fish.


Just like a car, the body needs its own petrol to give it maximum power. You need to learn more about food and how to combine and improve your eating habits.

So many people go to work without breakfast. Every day, about 70% of executives in companies have a poor diet, which can lead to health problems, overweight and labor problems.

But how important is it to have proper food? How many times do we have to eat a day? What foods help us improve our lives more?


When it comes to eating, there are a variety of myths: some say that food should not be consumed when there are schedules to be met. Some have diets with specific dates, no dinner before bed time, however, we do not know which of these are true.


The one great truth is that eating properly and having a balanced support, by default, improves our physical and mental health; maintain an ideal weight and nourish our bodies.


The relationship between nutrition and high performance

If you do not understand the need to feed yourself properly, nutritionists and doctors will define the action of eating in to three main functions: to preserve tissues, ensure growth and provide energy. All through lipids or fats, proteins, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins.


Our body and brain need to eat properly as gasoline is needed in a car. It is this daily fuel that will help us to develop and get fit. For executives, right feeding hours and a balanced diet has a way of helping to improve your personal and professional life.


Tips to maintain proper nutrition and a healthy work life

An executive must know and know your work area, how your body works in regards to food. Remember that your greatest asset is your mind and body.   To have a better performance in the company must know how to feed your body in three aspects: physical mental and emotional. The nutritionist recommends:


Shot over pints of water daily, Breathe properly, Make daily exercise such as walking or running, Avoid stress, Eat at convenient times. Try to reduce stress and learn to relax as it has been shown that people with chronic illnesses often have certain traits that increase their sensitivity to stress: perfectionism, ambition, thoroughness and over working. Release tensions and problems through relaxation, meditation, breathing exercises and yoga are a good idea.